The outplacement service is designed to support customers who are in transition or restructuring periods. The offered support is specifically tailored in order to satisfy the needs of each customer, offering a high level of flexibility for both the employer and the employee during the whole transition phase.

When it comes to outplacement, we do not believe in the “one-size-fits-all” concept, thus the programmes we offer are created based on the human capital characteristics, designated budged and available timeframe.


Our offered programmes include 3 major components:

1.  Providing the required workforce, either by temporary staffing services or by counseling the employees in order for the outplacement process to undergo according to the defined strategy.

2.  Counselling in the development and definition of the benefits package for employees who chose to stay with the company until the process is finalized.

3.  Counselling the dismissed personnel to facilitate its finding of new professional opportunities, using inclusively the ongoing recruiting contracts, thus offering not only assistance and guidance, but even alternative jobs.